Join CASCU today and benefit from CASCU standard membership! There are no standard membership fees at this time. Simply download the Contact Info Form and Letter Of Acceptance, complete. 

CASCU Membership Benefits Allows An Educational Institution:

  • To open its academic doors to qualified, diverse international students and provide the international students a quality education, contributing to academic growth and development
  • To build on public relations benefits, bringing about international cultural awareness, promoting trust, acceptance and cultural understanding, in accordance to the CASCU mission
  • To bring international awareness to an educational institution’s academic programs, campus facilities, services and student life
  • To admit students who have shown a high degree of determination just to come to the United States to achieve their educational goals, ensuring program completion & graduation
  • To generate additional revenue from increased international student enrollment in the areas of tuition, student housing, student services, recreational spending, textbooks & educational supplies
  • To attend the CASCU conference located in various foreign countries for an opportunity for educational institution to physically represent itself
  • Your organization will receive a Certificate of Membership
  • Your organization will receive periodic CASCU Newsletter with current information regarding education, changes in regulations & current issues
  • Your organization will be acknowledged at the International Conference
  • Your organization’s name will appear on a special sign at the International Conference registration area
  • Invitations to CASCU-sponsored events
  • Your organization will have a booth available at the International Conference
  • Your organization will receive one quarter page advertisement in the CASCU Newsletter
  • Your organization will be given priority consideration as a presenter at a workshop (one day seminar series, Spring Conference) on a topic of interest the presentation must be vendor neutral