The Vietnamese Students of the International Cross Cultural Services (ICCS) in Vietnam, travel to the United States during the summer months of June and July to enrich their awareness and understanding of the cultural diversities and ethnic difference  among students in the United States.  The Consortium of Schools, Colleges, and Universities, an association of educational institutions that offer academic opportunities and give guidance to students of diverse cultural backgrounds, host and sponsor the Vietnamese students during their visit in the United States.

The purpose of the student’s visit to the United States is to make them aware of the educational opportunities that are available to them for their future vocation.  The students visit colleges and universities of higher learning and participate in career building activities that provide the necessary skills and tools to achieve  their academic goals.  The colleges and universities that the students visit are the University of Southern California, the University of California in Los Angeles, Loyola/Marymount, Otis College of Design, and the Art Institute.

Through the Boys and Girls Club of America, the students are able to achieve their goals by participating in structured activities and planned programs.  Upon the completion of the summer day camp program, the Vietnamese Students are able to communicate and adapt to students of different backgrounds and cultures.  The overall experience in Southern California and in the United States, give students a deeper understanding and perspective of the global community in which they live in each day.