Welcome to CASCU!

CASCU is an association of United States Educational Institutions working together with other Universities, Colleges, and  High Schools  to create  opportunities that encourages students from diverse cultural backgrounds to participate in scholarly academic achievement. CASCU is committed to recognizing the diverse needs of all students.

Recently , CASCU conducted a national survey to determine two major target areas.  To understand if American Universities, Colleges and High Schools would be available to accept International Students from around  the world. If there was a need and desire from the International community for students to attend National Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

The Results Of The Surveys Indicated The Following:

  • 89% of the responding American Universities are interested in accepting International Students who met their University’s criteria for admissions.
  • 98.2% responses indicated that there was a tremendous desire for International students to attend American Universities.  These respondents also informed us that they had no direct avenue that could assist them in seeking out the best Universities, Colleges or schools in America to meet their needs.