Credential Service

CASCU provides assistance for students who have studied outside the U.S. and who need statements of U.S. educational equivalencies. CASCU gives an accurate interpretation of their educational backgrounds. We understand the unique issues and challenges associated with evaluating foreign education. Our understanding of overseas education and our ability to determine the U.S. equivalent is what sets us apart. Our staff of credential evaluation specialists will work with you personally to develop a thorough understanding of your goals in order to ensure that you receive the credential evaluation service that meets your needs.


Initial Evaluation ($120)
This evaluation names and describes all diplomas, certificates, degrees, periods of education or training and gives U.S. equivalencies for each. This report is usually for immigration purposes, military enlistment, and employment.

Detailed Evaluation ($185)
This detailed  evaluation provides the same information as the General, but also gives specific details on course, grade, and credit equivalents in U.S. terms for each level of study in other countries. This type of evaluation is  required for transfer into a U.S. school, college, or university.


• Transcripts / Mark Sheets / Examination Certificates / Academic Records
• Diplomas / Graduation Certificates / Degree Certificates/ Professional License (issued in the original language)

Translations and Photocopies

  1. All non-English documents must be accompanied by certified English translations.
  2. Photocopies of original documents on which English language translations are based must accompany the application.
  3. All Documents submitted are property of CASCU

Forged and Altered Documents

When it has been determined that ANY documents submitted have been forged, altered or falsified in any way, the application will be canceled, no evaluation report will be prepared and no refund will be made