The mission of CASCU is to promote education, service, and outreach in the United States and throughout the world. These international students enrich our communities with their academic abilities and cultural diversity, and they return to their home country with an increased understanding and often a lasting affection for the United States. This will build the foundation of trust, acceptance and understanding. There is no greater valuable asset to our country than the friendship of future world leaders who have been educated here in the United States. In return, the citizens of the U.S. will benefit from exposure to the international students as it prepares our citizens to live, work, and compete in the global economy and promotes tolerance and the reduction of conflict.

CASCU is committed to recognizing the diverse needs of the international students and locating a suitable institution of education to meet the students’ needs. CASCU creates a safe network of resources by screening eligible student applicants and compiling an exclusive association of schools dedicated to the mission of CASCU. CASCU does this by:

  • Establishing a network of secondary education institutions with the English language as the primary medium of instruction to heighten interest in the English language and American culture.
  • Establishing a network of post-secondary education institutions that offer a wide range of vocational, technical and trade programs that develop skills that are required to be successful, contributing members in the workforce.
  • Establishing a network of post-secondary education institutions that offer diverse undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level programs to allow students to integrate knowledge, communicate, collaborate, display critical thinking, understand other perspectives, and be active participants in a democratic society.

The CASCU invites you to take full advantage of the opportunity to open your school’s doors to the international pearls waiting to be discovered.